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Recaldent Mint Gum
"Since I have been using it my teeth have strengthened and are far less sensitive. My dentist has told me that my teeth are a couple of shades whiter."

112 Mint Flavoured Pellets

Tooth Decay Tick Replaces Lost Tooth Minerals
Tooth Decay Tick Keeps Saliva Healthy
Tooth Decay Tick Clean Fresh Flavour
Tooth Decay Tick Buy 5 Free Xylitol Boosters
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About Recaldent Mint Gum
Recaldent Mint Gum is a mint flavoured chewing gum that comes in tubs of 112 pieces. This gum contains the active CPP-ACP which enables remineralisation of teeth that are subject to acid attack from the foods we eat every day.

Recaldent also contains Xylitol, which is a natural sweetener shown to help control mouth bacteria and improve saliva quality. Having good saliva is the first step in bad breath prevention.

Saliva is your body's natural oral defence system, and chewing Recaldent Gum will help keep your saliva plentiful and healthy. To prevent bad breath and maintain fresh breath, we recommend that you chew a piece of Recaldent gum for 5 or 10 minutes after each meal.

Clinical Trial With Recaldent Mint Gum
2,720 students chewed sugar-free gum three times a day for two years. The study found that subjects who chewed Recaldent Gum had significantly lower rates of dental decay progression on their teeth than those who chewed a standard sugar-free gum.

The CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate) complex used in Recaldent was developed by Professor Eric Reynolds and his research team in the School of Dental Science at The University of Melbourne. The complex is derived from peptides isolated from the milk protein casein, complex with calcium and phosphate, and has been found to be effective at replacing lost minerals – or remineralizing – decay-damaged teeth. This trial sought to measure any caries (dental decay) preventive effect of chewing sugar-free gum containing the CPP-ACP complex (Recaldent), when compared to a standard sugar free chewing gum.

The progression or regression of caries over the course of the study was measured by dentists using visual-tactile examinations and digital bitewing radiographs. All radiographic images were examined and scored by a single dentist in a dedicated room with controlled light level and monitor settings.

Subjects chewing Recaldent gum demonstrated a statistically significant difference in radiographically diagnosed approximal carious lesions compared with those chewing the control sugar-free gum. The trial found that not only did the Recaldent group have a smaller number of tooth surfaces in which caries lesions had progressed over the two years, but this group also had a greater number of lesions that had regressed – or remineralized. The regressions involved predominantly remineralisation of enamel lesions, but also a small number of dentine lesions.

The trial results found that chewing Recaldent gum provided an increased preventive effect beyond that achieved through good, basic oral care habits and chewing sugar-free gum. The results confirm the findings of short-term in situ remineralisation studies, and demonstrate the long-term outcomes of regular exposure of teeth to the CPP-ACP complex. The conclusion of the clinical trial was that chewing Recaldent can be regarded as an additional caries prevention tool, over and above other accepted preventive strategies such as water fluoridation and the use of fluoridated toothpaste. For subjects chewing the Recaldent gum, the odds of a tooth surface experiencing caries progression were 18% less than for subjects chewing the standard sugar-free gum.

MV Morgan, GG Adams, DL Bailey, CE Tsao, SL Fischman, EC Reynolds. The Anticariogenic Effect of Sugar-Free Gum Containing CPP-ACP Nanocomplexes on Approximal Caries Determined Using Digital Bitewing Radiography in Caries Research, 42:171-184 (2008).
Product Ingredients
Artificial Sweetener; (Xylitol, Malitol, Mannitol (421), Aspartame(951), Acesulfame K), Gum Base, Flavourings, Gum Arabic, CPP-ACP (Casein Phophopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (derived from Milk), Hydrogenated Starch Hydrosale, Citric Acid, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Colours, Vegetable Wax. Tub Size is112 pieces

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If you are suffering from tooth decay or discoloured yellow teeth, then the Tooth Decay Mini shown below is a great way to improve your smile. It includes our KForce Toothpaste for daily cleaning. It also includes the GC Tooth Mousse invented at Melbourne University. This is a cream you smear on your teeth at night before sleep to replace important minerals lost during the day from acid attack. Finally we include our KForce M18 probiotics. These are good bacteria targeted at tooth decay bacteria called S.mutans. These probiotics were developed at Otago University. An easy application once a day is all that is needed. Finally we have our KForce Xylitol Boosters for freshening your breath and making your saliva alkaline during the day. This helps to keep your teeth in the most optimum condition.
Tooth Decay Mini

Replaces Vital Teeth Minerals

Tooth Decay Tick GC Tooth Mousse
Tooth Decay Tick KForce Toothpaste
Tooth Decay Tick KForce M18 Mouthwash
Tooth Decay Tick KForce Xylitol Boosters
Tooth Decay Tick KForce Travel Bag

Our Tooth Decay Mini Kit contains GC Tooth Mousse developed at Melbourne University to mineralise teeth affected with decay. Also contains our KForce Probiotics targeted to work against bacteria that cause tooth decay. Also includes KForce Xylitol Boosters for healthy saliva throughout the entire day.

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