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KForce Plus Bad Breath Treatment
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KForce Boosters
"I must comment on your help when I rang your office. I had a few questions but both yourself, Dr Speiser, and Sharon were a tremendous help to me."

50 Fresh Mint Lozenges

Bad Breath Tick 250mg Xylitol Each Lozenge
Bad Breath Tick Neutralises Mouth Acid
Bad Breath Tick Instantly Freshens breath
Bad Breath Tick Buy 5 Free Xylitol Boosters
Delivery from Clinic in 7Days

1Tin = $4.95

About KForce Fresh Fruit Boosters
KFORCE FRESH MINT BOOSTERS are a fresh mint flavour with a hint of menthol to clear the back of the throat. KForce Boosters are designed to neutralise your pH after eating and optimise your saliva so that you can continue to have fresh breath throughout the day, as well as a fresh taste. Not a Breath Mint but a Fresh Fruit Booster
How To Use KForce Fresh Fruit Boosters
KFORCE FRESH MINT BOOSTERS are designed to raise your mouth pH after meals or whenever you feel a bad taste in your mouth. They are made at neutral pH so they are tooth friendly

Simple and easy to use. Place one or two boosters in your mouth after eating and allow them to slowly dissolve on the tongue surface. After about a minute you will notice a cool menthol taste that will travel to the back of the throat and freshen your breath. There is no limit to how many you have per day.

Product Ingredients
Sorbitol, xylitol, freshener, natural peppermint flavour, sucralose, sodium bicarbonate, anti-caking agent. Manufactured at pH 7.2 Tin Size is 35 gms which is approximately 50 boosters
"Your product has worked extremely well for me. The coating on my tongue has finally disappeared, and it has now returned to its healthy pink colour. I have a very clean taste in my mouth, which gives me confidence. Before the use of your product, I always chewed gum to make sure I wasn't offending anyone. Even my wife has commented on the remarkable turn around in my breath freshness. KFORCE and BREEZE have lifted a weight from my shoulders that I thought I would carry for the rest of my life. I must also comment on your helpful tips when I rang your office. Upon receiving my products I had a few questions on the procedure, but both yourself, Dr Speiser, and Sharon were a tremendous help to me. I believe your products are a major step forward in the control and treatment of such embarrassing conditions. Mr. J.W Australia"

Dr Speiser Recommends
Most cases of bad breath come from multiple sources such as the tongue, teeth, gums and throat. Because of this to effectively treat bad breath you should use a suite of products rather than relying on a hero product only. We test patients every day at our Australian Breath Clinic in Sydney and we have found that the core products listed below in the Bad Breath Mini are very good in stopping bad breath and also are very affordable.

Our treatment involves using an alkaline mouthwash for five days to detox and remove the bad breath bacteria. We follow this ongoing with our non foaming toothpaste used morning and night to clean the tongue and teeth and gums. We also include a Free Bonus Soniclean Toothbrush. Try the Bad Breath Mini below and be pleasantly surprised.

Bad Breath Mini

Treats Mouth Halitosis

Bad Breath Tick KForce 5 Day Detox
Bad Breath Tick KForce Toothpaste
Bad Breath Tick KForce Xylitol Boosters
Bad Breath Tick KForce Soniclean Brush
Bad Breath Tick KForce Travel Bag

Bad Breath Mini contains all necessary core products to treat bad breath. Use the 5 Day Detox to rid your mouth of bad breath bacteria, then continue with the KForce Toothpaste to clean your tongue and teeth. Finally use the KForce Xylitol Boosters to stay fresh through the day. Also includes a Free Bonus KForce Soniclean Brush.

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